Tourism and visitor economy

The visitor economy is one of this country's strongest performing sectors. Councils play a crucial role creating the conditions for it to thrive and have long recognised, and supported, the value of the visitor economy to local growth, jobs and prosperity.

Tourism and visitor economy

Tourism planning requires strong local support. Communities must be willing to cater to tourists and provide settings and experiences that are attractive to the traveling public. The community should have amenities, attractions, and/or destinations around which to build a tourism strategy.
Tourism planning requires strong local support.

Hotel-Motel (Lodging) Tax

The hotel-motel tax or lodging tax (chapter 67.28 RCW) is the primary source of funds for tourism promotion. For more information, see our page on Lodging Tax (Hotel-Motel Tax).


Environmental tourism, ecotourism, or nature tourism provides an opportunity to visit undisturbed natural areas, scenic vistas, and to observe plants and wildlife. Washington state offers many opportunities for local governments to promote their natural environments to visitors. While maximizing the economic, environmental, and social benefits from ecotourism, the local environment must be protected. This section provides links to information on how to create and promote a nature tourism destination.



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